Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bricks....bricks... and more bricks!!

It has taken 4 LONG weeks for our house to have the bricks finished. And in that time no work has been done inside  the house. So it has seemed like they have been doing the bricks forever! 

Austral Lawson bricks

The bricklayers started at the front of the garage on the left hand side of our house, and worked around in a clockwise direction.

The dining room bay window, half done.

This is the lounge room sliding door.

So many wasted, broken bricks!! When the bricks were finished the pile is about 3 times this size! 

mud, mud everywhere!!

The bricklayers had to carry all these bricks all the way around the house by hand (through the thick mud), because it was way to wet for a forklift. They tried a few times to do it with a machine and kept getting bogged! I think it took them 3 or 4 days just to cart the bricks into position.

Front of the house, wrapped and waiting for bricks.

More mud!

Garage all completed.

Dining area done!

Lounge room done!

Front of the house, almost finished.

Front bedroom window.

The bricklayers didn't use any scaffolding to do the bricks up high - they simply stacked up the wooden pallets to the right height, lay a plank of wood between 2 piles, and worked from that. Very unsafe!!

10,000 bricks were needed to build our house. We are so pleased that is it finally done, and things can start happening inside!

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