Saturday, 13 August 2011

The roof and wrapping!

Ok, so this post is a bit overloaded with pictures.... I have been a bit slack with updating as things happen.

The roof has now been put on....
Monument Colourbond with Manor Red gutters and Paperbark fascia. 

The roofing guys working hard to get the front Colourbond on.

Close up of the gutters and fascia.

From the back of the house looking down to the garage at the front.

Looking across the back of the house.

At the back of the house, looking to the front on the right hand side.

Connections for a future water tank.

Our front a puddle....

Finishing off the roof at the front of the house.

Roof all done (except for the gables) and the house wrapped.

Charlotte in the lounge room.

Kitchen and dining room

Broken stud.... I think some kids kicked them down, as quite a few were knocked down.

Some of the bedrooms

Looking towards the front door

The bricklayers have started bricking in the house, but I haven't had a chance to take any decent photos, as they always seem to be there. Which is a good thing I suppose. They have been there a week so far, and I can't see that they have achieved much at all. Half the garage has been done.... and there are piles of bricks all around the house. Maybe next week they will get more done.

We are also wondering why the lockup can't be done at the same time as the brick layers do their job. Seems to me they could be both done at the same time. Lawrie's dad and brother are doing the lockup and the fix.... so we know they will do a quality job. 

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