Sunday, 11 September 2011

Starting the lock up.

We are so luck y that Lawrie's Dad and brother are doing the lock-up on our house. 

They have identified and fixed so many little things in order to make our house even more perfect! They have straightened walls, and  trusses, fitted in extra studs, so our cupboards can have extra shelves put in, built the housings for the 7 (!!) sliding doors we will have. And countless other things I have no idea about.

 Plus, they weren't even supplied a plan of the house from the supervisor, until the second day - and then it wasn't a complete plan so they couldn't finish it, and will have to go back next week. 

We are so confident that out house will be built properly with them both on the job!  

A shot of the house with the bricks finished. It still has to be rendered up the top of the front wall. Can't wait to see this - I love the half brick, half render look!

Master bedroom..... turned into temporary lunch room.

Sliding door housing for our walk in robe.

The tv alcove for the family room.

Shower base in the bathroom.

Sliding door for one of the kids bedrooms walk in robes.

My laundry.... I know I am going to love this room. Is it possible to be looking forward to doing laundry?

I know I can't wait for this room!!! Really excited about the 2.5 meter long bench I can fold my washing on instead of on the coffee table. 
And the walk in linen to put all the towels, sheets etc in... instead of in the kitchen pantry, because there is no linen cupboard at our rental house!

One of our wonderful lock up builders (Lawrie's brother)

So looking forward to calling this home!

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