Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A sneaky walk though...

This afternoon we were able to have a look through the house. I have gone a bit crazy with pictures - sorry! 

This is our lake! It comes complete with tadpoles and frogs, and it is in the front yard!

Lots of fun to be had trying to catch tadpoles.
Brendan has already successfully raised a frog from the batch of tadpoles he caught a few weeks ago! 

We have received word from the builder that our carpet and vinyl timber planks are to be installed on the 15th and 19th of December. Then the house still needs to be cleaned before we can have our 'walk through' with the supervisor (PCI). After that we still need to get the certificate of occupancy, and get the bank to inspect before we can handover that final payment and claim our keys.
so it won't be Christmas in our new house this year - hopefully not too long after!

Front of the house with the panel lift door on.

I wish they would move the bin... can't get a good pic with it there.

The roller door at the back of the garage.

The sliding door into the family room

Solar Hot water unit installed on the roof.

Ensuite shower all tiled - just waiting on the shower screen.

Close up of the feature tiles.

Ensuite vanity.

Laundry bench with tiles done.

Return air - the heating is all installed!

Robe in the nursery. 
Our baby (now 16 months old) has slept in our room since she was born, because there is no room for her to go anywhere else in the shoebox we are renting. She wakes 3-4 times a night, and the easiest and quickest way to get her to go back to sleep is for me to feed her. So, I am absolutely ready for her to have her own room - a long way away from mine!! 

Shower in the bathroom (I love these feature tiles... almost wish I had put them in the ensuite too!)

Vanity in the bathroom

kids toilet

Shelving in the playroom

Walk in robe in one of the kids bedrooms


Alcove in the family room - hope to wallpaper this after handover!

Kitchen cupboards, with cavity for the microwave.

More cupboards, and the sink.

I also went for a walk in our "orchard" this afternoon. I wasn't able to bring myself to break off the fruit that was growing on the trees we planted last autumn - so now we have a few trees with beautiful organic fruit growing on them! 


Santa Rosa plums


Pixie Crunch apples

Fuji apples

Royal Gala apples

Mmmm.... can't wait to pick them! Of course it is only a few growing on each tree.... but I am sure they will taste good!