Saturday, 23 July 2011

Windows and a walkthrough

Front of the house with the windows in!

Lounge room and through to kitchen and family room.

Laundry backing on to the ensuite.

My walk-in pantry and behind it the walk in linen with access from the laundry.

My beautiful girls in one of the bedrooms.

The kids really enjoyed looking through the house. I think it has now become real to them ( and us).

One of the back bedrooms.

Another bedroom.

And another bedroom.

Charlotte in the bathroom.

Caleb in the family room.

The big bay window area for our dining table. I can't wait for this!!

The kids were so excited!

Kitchen, and behind that the lounge room, and right at the back the study and garage.

Another shot of the lounge room, and garage.

Master bedroom.

My beautiful baby Madeleine will never remember living in our current rental house.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Passionfruit slice and the frame

I took our builders a plate of Passionfruit slice this morning - and while I was there took a few photos of the frame.

The slice is so yum - a crumble biscuit base, and a sticky condensed milk and passionfruit top! I hope they enjoy it!!

Standing in the garage, looking out to where we will have a deck or paved pergola (not sure which yet).

The front of the house - with verandah missing (we will do it ourselves after handover)

The whole front of the house minus garage.

The garage. 
I can't believe how fast they put this together. I took the photos before picking Patrick up from kinder, and 20 mins later when I drove past again to show Patrick, the roof trusses were already on the garage!

The right hand side of the house. 

This guy had a nail gun and was nailing up the roof trusses (I think that is what they are called) but his extension cord wasn't long enough to reach the back end of the house, it was a bit funny watching him tug the cord, and it not getting any longer! I suppose they had to get another extension lead - but we didn't hand around to watch.

The front again, taken from the neighbours block.

When just the slab was down, the house looked really small! Now that the frame is up - the whole house looks huge! I haven't walked through it yet (didn't want to chance a piece of wood falling on me as they were putting up the roof trusses while I was there), but I think I will have to go for a drive late one afternoon after they have finished work, and take a proper sticky beak!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Slab success!

The concrete slab was poured for our house on Monday 4th July.

I apologise for the photos, there appears to be a blurry mark on the lens of the camera, probably from a child...

We are having a bay window for the master bedroom - I am looking forward to sitting on a window seat, and reading a good book!

We widened our double garage, so that we can actually fit 2 cars in it at the same time!

The bit sticking out in this photo is where our dining room will go! I think the thing I am looking forward to most, is having the sun shine into our living areas all day long! Our current home is so dark... I really miss the sun shine!

This is the back end of the house - the kids rooms, and the PLAYROOM (another top on my looking forward to list!) 

Looking from the back, down to the front!