Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Fix!

The Fix part of our house is now 'almost' finished! That means that next week we will receive the second last payment invoice! Boy will we be glad to not be paying rent and a mortgage! 

The front door, just needs painting!

After the render was put on. It is still wet, and hasn't been painted yet.

Caleb standing in the doorway of his bedroom's walk-in robe.

The render on the front of the house

Patrick in the master bedroom walk-in robe.

Another shot of our walk-in robe.

Patrick and Charlotte in the walk-in linen cupboard, off the laundry.

The pantry!

Built in cupboards in the playroom.

Walk-in robe in one of the kids rooms.

Looking towards the front door, with master bedroom on the left, and study on the right.

The front of the house, with the render finished.


  1. its looking great Rach!I just love the walk in linen closet, what a fab idea!!

  2. Hi Rachel, Glad to see a fellow Rawdon Hill blogger.... and like you I will be glad to only have one set of house payments!

    I see you made just a few changes to the original plan (haha)... though wondering about the sanity of three girls and only one bathroom (boys can shower under the hose outside), or do you not mind sharing the en-suite on the odd occasion?

    It's looking great, and it seems you have good tastes in colours and flooring... very similar to our own 8-)

    My wife wonders where you find the time to do this blog, our two little girls keep us busy enough.

    Out of curiosity, what car/van/bus/mass transport system do you drive?