Thursday, 7 July 2011

Slab success!

The concrete slab was poured for our house on Monday 4th July.

I apologise for the photos, there appears to be a blurry mark on the lens of the camera, probably from a child...

We are having a bay window for the master bedroom - I am looking forward to sitting on a window seat, and reading a good book!

We widened our double garage, so that we can actually fit 2 cars in it at the same time!

The bit sticking out in this photo is where our dining room will go! I think the thing I am looking forward to most, is having the sun shine into our living areas all day long! Our current home is so dark... I really miss the sun shine!

This is the back end of the house - the kids rooms, and the PLAYROOM (another top on my looking forward to list!) 

Looking from the back, down to the front!

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