Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Metre box

Ok, so as I said in the last post, everything came to a standstill after the meter box was put in on the 5th of June.

I don't really understand all of this, so forgive me if I get some of the details wrong.

The sewage connection for our house was 3.8m under ground. And since the drainage guys weren't expecting it to be so far under - it took them 3 trys (on 3 different days) to reach it with a digger. Finally they did it!

But we had a massive big hole dug at the back of our house to reach the sewer connection point. Which they filled in, of course, but it  disturbed the soil where the slab was to go. 

And so then a new engineers report had to be done to check that the ground was stable enough to put a slab on top of. 

Finally 3 weeks later, everything is ok to move ahead, and the drainage points for all out water connections etc. was done today. I shall put up some pics as soon as I take them.

Hopefully (but I doubt it) that is the last hold-up... we are still hopeful to be in before Christmas. Rawdon Hill have still got the completion date for the 21st December.

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