Friday, 1 April 2011

The journey so far...

December 8th 2009   
We purchased a block or land in Longwarry Victoria. It is approx 2800m in size (almost 3/4 of an acre). We chose this block after looking at others in the Drouin area, because it was close to the train station, it had all services available, it was flat, and it was quite cheap.

March 2010  
 We finally found a house design that we loved after looking in countless display homes all across Melbourne. We fell in love with the Birchwood by Rawdon Hill. This is the original design.

However we knew we would need to alter the plan slightly to meet our needs. We have 6 children, so we needed to add another bedroom, a playroom, a bigger laundry, more storage space, etc.
So we had the plan redrafted a number of times until we got it right.

April 9th 2010

After 3 and a half months on the market we have sold our current house. We planned to rent for 8 - 12 months while our house is being built. (haha - if only we knew!!)

May 8th 2010

We move into our rental house, and leave most of our stuff in storage to save unpacking twice.

August 21st 2010

We have  had our colour selection appointment. We have chosen:

Bricks: Austral Red Gum
Render: Colorbond Paperbark
Roof: Colourbond Monument
Fascia: Colourbond Paperbark
Gutters: Colourbond Manor Red
Downpipes: Colourbond Paperbark
Roofing trim: Paperbark and Manor Red
Windows: Merino (same color as paperbark, but different brand)
Garage doors: Paperbark

Indoor Walls: Wattyl Manhattan Beige
Architraves, doors: Wattyl Dutch Cream

Kitchen and Laundry benches: Laminex Ebony Marble Dimension Finish
Cabinets: Antique White
Kicker: Stainless steel
Splashback: Alabaster 300x 200 tiles to be laid vertically  

Bathroom and Ensuite  benches: Dessert Passage
Cabinets: Pearl Bisque

We will be having Polyfloor Vinyl floor planks (Honey Oak) laid in the entrance, lounge, kitchen, laundry, pantry, walk-in linen, meals and family areas.

And carpet to all the bedrooms, study and playroom.

January 2011

Finally we have a planning permit!!! It has taken 5 months for this to come through because we needed special permission from Melbourne Water to build in a flood zone. It has been really frustrating for us waiting for this to be approved, but at last we are ready to go!

February 2011

We have bought and planted 11 fruit trees in the back left hand corner of the block. The trees are 3 years old, and really quite big, so hopefully it won't be too long before we are eating our own produce!

March 2011

Building permit has been granted, finance from the bank has been granted, final copies of the plans have been signed, contract signed.... in other words everything ready for a site start as soon as it can be scheduled. 
Hopefully the actual build will be smooth sailing!

We have a shed!!! The company we organised to construct our shed has been fantastic, after receiving all the approvals the shed went up in 2 days! 
It is 6 x 9 metres, and hopefully will be big enough for us!

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